Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update & poll on C.J.'s next book

Wow, it's been too long since I posted here. Thanks for sticking with me through the dry spell! I'm back, and I want to make posting on this blog more of a regular occurrence. Here's what's new:

I'm continuing to write for my website TitleTrakk.com and also continue to act as a contributing editor to the new kid on the block, FamilyFiction.com.

It's been fun to interview some amazing folks in the Christian entertainment industry like Beverly Lewis; Michael Landon, Jr.; Steven James; David A.R. White; and Lee Strobel.

The writing of my third novel continues too. I'm nearing completion of the latest draft, and it's exciting to see where God's taking this one. More news on that hopefully in the future. Speaking of, why don't we have a little poll to see what you think of my working titles. Without knowing anything about the story, which one grabs you the most?