Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Interview at Infuze

Matt Conner at Infuze recently conducted an interview with me. We talked about, and my novel writing. It was interesting being on the receiving end of questions for a change.

Check it out here.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Straight Talk From the Editor

For those of you writers out there, may I recommend a great little Amazon Short by W. Terry Whalin? Terry is a successful author and editor, and you can learn a ton from his insights.

For more information on writing, check out Terry's instructional blog The Writing Life.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Interview with Nick Harrison of Harvest House

An interesting post over at the Speculative Faith blog. Rebecca M. interviewed Harvest House editor Nick Harrison about a new fantasy trilogy by George Bryan Polivka the house will be publishing soon. Check it out here.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Jerry Jenkins Interview

I recently had the privilege of interviewing best-selling author Jerry Jenkins. He had some great things to say! For example, when I asked him What do you know now that you wish you'd known when you first started writing?, he said:

Interesting question. I have never liked knowing things in advance. I like to be surprised. I’m not a goal-setter but rather strive to do the best at whatever it is I have been assigned and see what happens. I write the same way: put interesting characters in difficult situations and write to find out what happens. Had I known how remote was the possibility of ever being published, I might have despaired. Instead, I just blithely went for it."

Check out the full interview over at by clicking here.

Friday, December 01, 2006

FIRST Blog tour - Eye of the Oracle by Bryan Davis

It is December 1st, time for the FIRST Day Blog Tour! (Join our alliance. Click the button.) The FIRST day of every month we will feature an author and their latest book's FIRST chapter!

This month's feature author is:


and his latest book:

Eye of the Oracle

Bryan Davis is the author of the four book Dragons in Our Midst series, a contemporary/fantasy blend for young people. The first book, Raising Dragons, was released in July of 2004. The second book, The Candlestone, followed in October. Circles of Seven debuted in April of 2005, followed in November by Tears of a Dragon.

Bryan is the author of several other works including The Image of a Father (AMG) and Spit and Polish for Husbands (AMG), and four books in the Arch Books series: The Story of Jesus' Baptism and Temptation, The Day Jesus Died, The Story of the Empty Tomb (over 100,000 sold), and Jacob's Dream. Bryan lives in Winter Park, Florida with his wife, Susie, and their children. Bryan and Susie have homeschooled their four girls and three boys.

To read more about Bryan and his books, visit the
Dragons in our Midst Website or visit Bryan's blog.

Eye of the Oracle

by Bryan Davis

Dragons in our Midst - Prequel
Oracles of Fire - Volume 1

For space restraints, you can now read the first chapter in the Reading Room at Click here.