Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Enjoying Life?

I recently heard an amazing quote: “If you’re not enjoying your life, then you’re not spending enough time with God.”


That kinda hit me over the head, right between the eyes. Haven’t we all had times in our lives when things aren’t going the way we plan? We’re unhappy (though not even sure why), and our natural inclination is to bite the head off anyone who rubs us wrong? I wonder if those are the times when we neglect God. It’s an easy trap to fall into. Ask me how I know.

What about in our writing? We all have those days when we’re rather do just about anything but write (think trimming toenails, mowing the lawn, or cleaning the garage). Is it possible those times happen more often when we forget to spend time with the Author of the world?

Here’s my challenge for you. Spend time with the Lord today before you do anything else, including write. And when you sit down at the keyboard, whisper a little prayer. Something like this:

“Lord, thank you for putting the desire in my heart to write. I ask you to help me today/tonight to hear your words. I pray that I would write what you want me to write, and I ask you to speak to me and guide me every step of the way. I ask you for your wisdom, and I commit my writing to you. Thanks for helping me.”

Life is meant to be enjoyed. So don’t let anyone steal your joy today. You’re meant for great things!

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