Friday, January 12, 2007

The Stones Cry Out by Sibella Giorello

My book review of Sibella Giorello's The Stones Cry Out is up at I was very impressed with this novel, and I encourage you to go out and buy a copy as soon as possible.

My review begins:

Special agent Raleigh Harmon has just been assigned a civil rights case her supervisor wants closed yesterday. A white male police detective and a black man with a shady past died when they fell off a factory roof during a “Parade for the People” rally two days prior. The city of Richmond has become divided by color before the facts are even known. The police stand by their man, the African American community by theirs. And if there were witnesses, they’re not talking. Especially to the FBI. What really happened on that factory roof? Why were the men together in the first place? Is it really an open and shut case? Raleigh isn’t sure. Despite the surmounting odds, she’s determined to dig down to the truth, because to a forensic geologist the stones do indeed cry out.

Nominated twice for a Pulitzer Prize, Sibella Giorello has already proven she’s a gifted non-fiction writer. But with the publication of The Stones Cry Out, Giorello can now add “gifted novelist” to her resume. Her skillful use of language has created a unique novel that smacks of quality. More than once I found myself awed by her vivid word pictures.

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