Friday, August 10, 2007


I wasn't looking for another place to visit online, but when Angela Hunt sent me an invite to Shelfari, I had to check it out. Bibliophiles beware---this is a great way to waste your time! But it's fun. Basically, it's a way to display all the great books you've read recently (or that appear on your shelf) to your friends. People can comment, tag, rate books, you name it. You can also add your shelf to your blog (which I've done but am still fooling around with). Everything's very easy and aesthetically pleasing. Check out my profile here, if you're interested.


danny said...

Its great to see that a fellow bibliophile has discovered Shelfari. Add me as friend. My username is schaufferwaffer.

Rel said...

LOL!!! It has got me in too, CJ :)

hrh said...

Me again, C.J. I've refused a few recent requests to join shelfari 'cause I hadn't heard of it and already don't visit my myspace or shoutlife pages much at all. But maybe I should take the plunge ... I don't know, but I'll at least check yours out!!