Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jenny B. Jones Interview

Jenny B. Jones is a YA author who's really making a mark with her Katie Parker Production series. The first book, In Between, had me laughing and chuckling to myself more than has ever happened when I've read a book. Seriously. And the second book (which just released), On the Loose, is just as funny.

But the cool think about Jenny's writing is that she deals with some serious subjects right along with the humor. Katie is a foster kid who hasn't exactly had an ideal life thus far. She gets into trouble sometimes and doesn't think she can do much of anything right---until she meets her new foster parents James and Millie Scott. A pastor and pastor's wife, they love her in ways she's never experienced before. And Millie's mom Maxine? Let's just say she's one of the more memorable characters in fiction!

I had the chance to interview Jenny for, and we talked about the series, how she got started, and much more. Check it out here. And if you have any teen girls in your life, I highly recommend the Katie Parker Production series. Heck, I recommend it to people of all ages! My Dad has read the books and loved them too.

Read a review of In Between by my friend Darcie Gudger (who also loved the book!) here.

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