Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ask Andy McGuire - free teleseminar June 18th

Literary agent and author Terry Whalin is hosting a free live teleseminar with Moody's fiction editor, Andy McGuire Wednesday, June 18th at 7:00 pm EST. But here's the thing ... YOU get to ask Andy the questions.

Visit the website AskAndyMcGuire and ask your question while registering for the seminar (it's free and easy). When you ask you'll have the chance to download Andy's 47 page novel writing curriculum which looks to be full of great insights (I'm printing my copy out as we speak!)

If you aren't able to attend the conference by phone, it'll be available for download later, but you must register.

Sounds like a great opportunity!

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Terry Whalin said...


Thank you for the recommendation of my Virtual Book Tour with Andy McGuire today. I've received some fascinating questions and look forward to the session and opportunity.

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