Wednesday, December 03, 2008

John Perrodin (Advice for Novelists, Part 82)

Here's another informative entry in our Advice for Novelists series. I've asked authors, agents, editors and publicists their response to the question:

"If you could say one thing to aspiring novelists, what would you say?"

I'd say, "go ahead and try." Every novelist is just a person with a way with words. Someone who loves to tell stories. The biggest secret I can give you is to let you know that writers are simply plain, ordinary people to whom God has given an extraordinary opportunity. If He's called you to write, then write. And don't worry about competing with all the "big name" authors. Just have fun, write regularly, and try to tell your unique tale in a way that brings glory to the King.

--John Perrodin,
Senior Editor for the Christian Writers Guild, author of Simple Little Words: What You Say Can Change a Life (with Michelle Cox). Visit the book website and John's website


Deena said...

I think that's the best I've read yet:-)

Question: What happened to the books John co-authored with Susie?

Can't find them anywhere, and would really like to read them with my daughter.......

The Koala Bear Writer said...

I agree - this is the best advice I've read yet! :)