Friday, September 25, 2009

My Fave Novels (Scribble Chicks)

I'm talking about my favorite novels today over at the Scribble Chicks blog. Wanna know what they are? I'll give you the first one here, and they head on over to read about the other three.

Piercing the Darkness
by Frank Peretti

I first read this novel when I was twelve or thirteen, and I was blown away. I'd never read anything like it. I credit Piercing the Darkness for inspiring me to write Christian fiction. I loved how Peretti created a compelling, suspenseful story ... and yet wasn't afraid to shine the light of truth. He wasn't ashamed to share the gospel in his novels either. I really admire that.

The main character in Piercing is Sally Beth Roe, an imperfect woman who's running for her life. Oh, and did I mention that angels and demons spend the book fighting over her (and others)?

I have read Piercing the Darkness at least five times, maybe more. It's probably time for me to pick it up again! If you haven't read it, you might consider reading the first book in the series This Present Darkness first. They can be read separately (I read Piercing first not knowing there was a book before it), but it's best to read them in order.

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Nicole said...

Love Frank Peretti. He writes like film on a page. That's what I try to do. Only one of his I didn't care for was Monster. Anxiously awaiting his next one. Which is always a lonnngggg wait . . .

Aine Willis said...

I loved this book too, CJ. I love the thought of angels battling demons for my salvation.

B. D. Eastman said...

"I think you'd be interested in a cool contest going on at my blog. The Grand Prize is the first and second book of Hunter Brown."

goodnewscowboy said...

I can't believe you didn't like Monster! It was one of his classics! I still get scared when I think of the sickly sweet smell that would come from the spots on the people!

Nicole said...

goodnewscowboy, you're thinking of The Oath which I loved.