Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Survey: What Christmas Question Would You Most Like To Ask Your Favorite Author?

I'm putting together a Christmas feature for TitleTrakk.com, and I need your feedback. If you could ask your favorite author only one of these four questions, which would you pick? Whichever one receives the most votes is what I'm going to ask the authors in the feature! Unless one of you suggests a better question in the comments, of course. :)


Heidi Main said...

Great question for any Christian - keeping Jesus in Christmas is sometimes hard with the commercialism.....Thanks for the reminder!

Colleen Shine Phillips said...

Out of those four, I would choose the first. But consider these, also. What is your most memorable Christmas and why and has a Christmas ever triggered a story idea. Just my thoughts. Colleen

kim Pettit said...

What's the best Christmas scene or book about Christmas you ever read? what made it special?