Thursday, January 21, 2010

How Writing is Like Fly Fishing

During an interview talented author Candace Calvert recently did with me on her blog, she asked me a question I've never received before. She found out one of my hobbies is fly fishing and challenged me to find some similarities between fly fishing and writing. At first I was stumped. But as I began to think, I realized there was a metaphor sitting right in front of me.

Fly fishing is like the process of a writer searching for a publisher. Our flies are our manuscripts. Each cast is us sending out a query letter or proposal. The fish are the editors searching for a project to buy. It’s important to research what the fish like and when they like it.

But just because we cast the line, doesn’t mean the fish will bite. Maybe they’re not hungry. What if the trout aren’t interested in mosquitoes today? Our fly might be tied perfectly, but the fish just aren’t hungry for it right now.

Then sometimes a fish will bite, but right when we think we have them, they spit out the hook. Does that mean we should give up and never fish again? No, it just means we need to keep on casting. Maybe today isn’t our day. But tomorrow might be.

Candace asked me many other fun questions, by the way. If you'd like to read her whole interview, check it out here. She's also giving away a copy of my debut novel Thicker than Blood. Deadline to enter is January 25th.


Koala Bear Writer said...

Great analogy. I've never tried fly fishing, but I can see that patience, skill and research are needed for both that and writing. :)

CandaceCalvert said...

I loved your answer to my question--so insightful, and helpful to writers pursuing publication. Plus, I like it you are catch-and-release, out of the goodness of your heart. Readers are in for big treat when they read Thicker than Blood.

K.M. Weiland said...

Great question - and great analogy. And congrats, again, on your book's debut!

Faith Imagined said...

I can TOTALLY relate to this analogy!!! I'll think about this when I start sending out my query next month. Thanks!!! I am off to check out the rest of the interview.

-Alisa Hope

Nadia said...

Nice post and great analogy! I can relate to it as well. "Maybe today isn't our day. But tomorrow might be." Love it.

handicapper said...

How wonderful it must be to have accomplished Publication of your novel after sooo much effort!

At the ripe old age of 62 I have begun writing a blog and I get very excited to see that people have visited... even more so when they leave a comment.

I look forward to reading your blog(s) and your book.

Frank Martin said...

Really enjoying your blog. And this analogy is priceless. Thanks for the fun post!

Judith Briles said...

I'm amazed at the similarity you pointed out between writing and fly fishing. It's actually astounding to find simple activities very helpful in making us realize the more important lessons in life.