Friday, June 04, 2010

Go ahead. Ask me questions!

Okay, guys. I want to make sure this blog is interesting for you to read. Sometimes I come up empty with posting ideas. So I'm turning it over to you! For the next couple days I want to answer any questions you might have for me about writing, books, or whatever. I certainly don't have all the answers but will do my best to answer every one.

So take it away! Ask your questions in the comments, and I'll start answering in the coming days. Thanks!


Rachel Turner said...

Thanks C.J. for the offer to help!
My question is two-part "What do you think put your book over the top in the Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel contest? Any advice for those writers looking to enter this year?"

martha Ramirez said...

Did you ever feel like giving up?

How did you deal with rejection?

Julia M. Reffner said...

I think its really neat that you were homeschooled all the way through. What part did your parents play in nurturing your gift of writing? How do recommend fostering a love of writing and reading in our children?

Koala Bear Writer said...

What's a day in the life of a published novelist like?