Monday, August 30, 2010

The Summary of Bound by Guilt unveiled

First things first. I've picked seven of your great questions to answer in the back of Bound by Guilt. I loved all of the questions, so it was really hard to narrow them down. But I ended up going with ones that were specifically about this novel. The rest I just might use on my website or blog in the future! Thanks so much. Congratulations to:

Emma Bedford
Sandi Andrews
Jan Archer
Anonymous (asking about whether I had a sequel in mind)
Diana Prusik

Could all of you e-mail me at cj at cjdarlington dot com with your mailing addresses? I'd like to send you a signed copy of Thicker than Blood as my way of saying thanks.

And now for the big unveil. Since you've now seen the cover of Bound by Guilt, you're probably wondering what the novel is about. Yes, it is a sequel to Thicker than Blood. But it also stands completely alone. It takes place about a year and half after the events of the first novel, and you will get to see Christy and Hunter again. May and Beth make cameos too. But the girl featured on the cover? Her name is Roxi Gold.

Here's summary:

Roxi Gold has been shuttled from one foster home to another most of her life. She longs for a family and will do anything to fit in - even if it's against the law. Soon she's traveling the country in an RV stealing rare books from unsuspecting bookstores. If she refuses she'll be put out on the streets.

Police officer Abby Dawson has seen the worst of society, and not just at work. Her ex-husband has wrested her daughter away from her in a bitter custody battle. The job she once loved has become a chore - the world isn't safer, and there's no joy in her life.

One night a man's innocent blood changes Roxi and Abby forever. One searches for justice; the other finds herself on the run until a first edition of The Great Gatsby catches up with her. Will the power of forgiveness set them free, or will they both remain bound by guilt?

What do you think? :)

Bound by Guilt is available for pre-order at, and Barnes &


Angie said...

Sounds good! Love the main characters name too. :)

WordVixen said...

I think: YAY! :-)

Jennifer said...

I'm so excited to read it! The cover is amazing. I loved Thicker than Blood.

laura said...

Sounds very provocative. Excited about reading it! :)

Koala Bear Writer said...

Sounds really cool! My curiosity is definated piqued. And I like Roxi's name too. :)

Anonymous said...

I read the book and I absolutely loves it best book I have ever read It kept me on the edge of my seat all the way but yet it touched your heart in some spots