Sunday, June 24, 2012

Are you a real writer?

I just purchased a Kindle book by bestselling author and writing coach James Scott Bell called Self Publishing Attack! . I've always gotten something from every Bell book I've read, and this one was no exception. But this time, what I took away surprised me.

I just wrote this blurb on Goodreads:
An informative primer for any author who's head is spinning from the ebook revolution and needs some concrete advice for how to take advantage of this landmark time in history. Bell's book is easy to understand, straightforward, and encouraging. Mostly aimed for those wanting to epublish, it does include some insights for self publishing in print form too. I'll be reading it again!

However, it was on the very last page where something hit me hard. Bell's last words in the book are these:

Are you a real writer?

Then keep writing.

And don't stop.


I'm not sure exactly why, maybe it's just where I am in my writing journey, but these words hit me hard. Am I a real writer? I want to be. I feel called to be. These words remind me how important it is that I need to make it my constant goal to get the words down on the page. Not talk about doing it, but actually do it. Thanks, Jim, for inspiring me yet again to never give up.


Tracy Krauss said...

sounds like a thought provoking and informative book

C.J. Darlington said...

It was, Tracy! For $2.99 it's pretty hard to resist.

Cristine Eastin said...

No kidding - I also read similar advice from another author "Read. Write. Don't Stop".
I'm currently revising my novel with one hand on the keyboard and the other on Bells' "Revision & Self-Editing" - another helpful read for writers, real writers!

Tim George said...

Thanks for the info on the new book by James Scott Bell. Several of my clients are pressing forward with ePublishing and there is so much to learn. Any help from a veteran like Bell is much appreciated.

Cristine Eastin said...

CJ, I have a question - I'm a new member of the Christian Writers Guild and I'm hoping to get involved in the Christian cyber writing community out there - is it good blog etiquette (I'm new at this) to put my blog address on your site in any comments I might post?
By the way, I'm impressed, and so happy for you, winning the OFN! You're a success story and an inspiration to those like me.

C.J. Darlington said...

Good question, Cristine! Congrats on taking the initiative to get active in the writing community, btw. It's great you're starting now.

I would say that it's a bit of a gray area. If I were you, I would make sure my blog address was in my blogger profile for sure (so when people click on your name they get your bio, e-mail and web address.) But it might come across a little bit desperate to put the address in the actual comments. I wouldn't mind here, but others could.

Hope that helps!

Cristine Eastin said...

thanks CJ - good advice - I'll remember the word "desperate" - I may be, but sure don't want to let it show

C.J. Darlington said...

I edited and submitted my first novel (that won the contest) for several years before it ever won, so patience is key, as much as we don't want it to be. :) Trust me, I know. Keep on writing and perfecting your craft! And try not to worry too much about all the social networking and blogging and such. Do what you can, but don't let it take away from your writing time (ask me how I know this too! LOL)

Cristine Eastin said...

OK, so how do you know about letting it take away from your writing? Say I, as I'm blogging and not revising. I appreciate the encouragement. btw, here's my blog site I'm new at this, and if you have any coaching, that, too would be appreciated.

amy bates said...

Keep writing and you will be a writer. Thats so true.