Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Designing a book cover

Ever wondered what really goes into the design of a book's cover? Wonder no more. Over at Novel Journey, Kirk DouPounce of Dog Eared Design gives us the full scoop. Click here to read the article.

Dog Eared designed the cover for Jenny B. Jones' new novel In Between (at left), and he uses it as an example. If you haven't yet read this novel, may I offer my highest recommendation? It's Book #1 in the Katie Parker Production series for teens. But you don't have to be a teen to enjoy Jenny's wonderful humor and insights. She somehow manages to keep things fun without discounting the serious.


When your single greatest achievement to date is becoming a ward of an entire state, it's a little debilitating to a girl's confidence.

Katie Parker is a 16 year old girl who can't catch a break. With a mother in jail and a father unaccounted for, she finds herself in a mini-van bound for In Between, Texas, home of her new foster parents.

Katie must learn to adjust to life with the new family. When she finds herself in some deep trouble, everything unravels. Join Katie as she learns about family, love, and healing.

Hang on for the ride as dysfunction is brought center stage.

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Sheryl said...

I loved "In Between" as well. I reviewed it for Armchair Interviews.

Jenny captures Katie's voice in an amazing way. I passed on my copy to a friend who works at 4Kids of South Florida(they work with kids in the foster care system). I thought it would be a great tool for them to minister to these kids. It was both hysterically funny & poignant. I can't wait for the next book!

Have a great week :-)