Friday, December 21, 2007

Favorite Christmas Memories from 31 Authors

I had the chance to ask a whole bunch of authors about their favorite Christmas memories, and let me tell you, they had some interesting ones! Some fun, some sad, some nostalgic, but all worth reading.

Included are authors (in no particular order) from Karen Kingsbury, Michael Landon Jr., Karen Ball, Deborah Raney, Dallas Jenkins, Jerry Jenkins, Justin Lookadoo, Sibella Giorello, Tim Downs, F.P. Lione, Amy Wallace, Matt Bronleewe, John Perrodin, Eric Wilson, Lisa Samson, Rebeca Seitz, Virginia Smith, Kathryn Cushman, Linda Leigh Hargrove, Roxanne Henke, James Scott Bell, Jenny B. Jones, Angela Hunt, Ann Tatlock, Donna Fleisher, Liz Curtis Higgs, Nikki Arana, Christa Banister, Travis Thrasher, Melanie Wells, and Susan Wales.

Check it out here.

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