Thursday, February 21, 2008

Adam by Ted Dekker (CFBA)

It's a pleasure to feature blockbuster author Ted Dekker's latest offering here with you. I've got a lot of respect for Dekker. He's accomplishing things with his writing many of us can only dream about. And yet he's humble.

I've had the chance to interview him twice now for The first time we talked a lot about the movie Thr3e, as well as his writing habits.

"I see God everywhere. We’re created in His image. When I see a really cool concert, I see that person on stage, and I don’t care who they are—I’m seeing God. Why am I so attracted to that music? I’ll tell you why. ‘Cause that is the fingerprint of God, regardless of whether they recognize it, I’m watching one of His finest toys."

The second time we focused on his graphic novels, among many other things.

"It's the ah ha! moments each day that make the [writing] experience worth while. Each
ah ha! moment translates into a reader's wow, moment. Worth every drop of cold sweat."

In this same interview Ted talked about Adam. He said:

is one of the most important books I’ve ever written from where I’m sitting. Ultimately it deals with a question that we might have all considered at one time or another: What would happen if you, an agnostic but well reasoned person who resents religion, invited an evil sprit to sure, why not, come on in?

As the priest I’ve written says: Give me one hour in the dead of night with a man who is possessed and I will turn the staunchest atheist into a believer. Adam is the story of a serial killer and the FBI behavioral scientist obsessed with bringing him to justice, but more than that it’s the story of our own society’s loss of faith in the raw power of Jesus.

I’m told it will be a divisive book, more than any book I’ve written, but I think it’s a critical read for any and all who think faith is for old women who like Sunday potlucks. This is a book you might dare those lost in apathy to read.

Read a great review of the novel here and see what you think!

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