Saturday, October 04, 2008

Making Your God-given Dreams Come True

Tricia Goyer has a wonderful series going on over at her Writing Mentor blog called "Dare to Dream". There are so many practical and insightful quotes in these pieces, and here's one of them:

The easiest way to tell if we are missing our unique purpose is to consider the things that bring joy to our lives. Things that are uniquely us. It may be singing, baking, or even landscaping. Many of us need to ask, “If I could be doing anything for God’s kingdom what would it be?” and “Do I ‘thrive’ in my daily duties and feel God’s pleasure, or do I simply ‘survive’ as I try to keep up with the world’s ideas?”

Read all three parts of Dare to Dream:

Part 1 : What dreams are hidden in your heart?

Part 2 : Discover - What are God's Dreams?
Part 3 : Granting Ourselves Freedom - How can the impossible become possible?
Part 4 : How dreamers have changed our world

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