Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ace Collins (Advice For Novelists, Part 81)

Here's another entry in my Advice for Novelists series in which editors, authors, agents and publicists answer the question:

"If you could say one thing to aspiring novelists, what would you say?"

Too many writers see editors in a negative way. Writing is a team project and editors are there to see the holes that we don’t see. They make our work better. Then you also need marketing and public relations, as well as the art department. To be a success you have to have all members of that team working. So even if my name is the only name on the cover a great book is not an “I” project, it is a “We” project. So my advice would be to be the best team member you can be and make sure everyone who is involved in each project knows they are appreciated.

--Ace Collins, author of the novel Farraday Road plus nonfiction hits like the Stories Behind series. Visit him at his website.


Karen B. said...

Bravo, Ace! Thanks for seeing and understanding what editors are trying to do. Much appreciated from our side of the desk.

Karen Ball

The Koala Bear Writer said...

As someone who is both editor and writer... I agree! Great advice. I enjoy helping writers as an editor, and when I'm working with an editor, I'm also grateful for their insights into improving my writing. :)