Monday, February 16, 2009

My Favorite Book Covers

There's nothing like a great book cover. Sometimes they'll make or break a novel. I've picked up more than one book based on the cover alone. Here are a few of my favorite Christian fiction covers. What do you think? What are some of yours?

Shoofly Pie
by Tim Downs
Howard Books

I love the vibrant yellow, and of course the blood spatter adds the mystery/murder element which plays prominently in this story. The fly clues you in on the "buggy" elements. You can't see it in this picture, but there's some embossing going on with the cover that also adds to the experience. Perfect novel for a quirky murder mystery.

by James David Jordan

It's not entirely clear in this small photo, but the bullet hole through the glass is amazingly detailed and adds such a great element to this cover. The image of the main character, Taylor, is also compelling. She's beautiful, but the coat she wears hints of her harder edge, something a suspense lover like myself welcomes in a novel.

The Restorer
by Sharon Hinck

I absolutely love how this cover hints at the themes of the novel. This is a modern woman who finds herself in a fantasy world. The sword holding is perfect and says so much. I also love the color. This particular designer, Dog Eared Design, isn't afraid to use vibrant colors, and that's nice to see.

Dark to Mortal Eyes
by Eric Wilson
Waterbrook Press

The cover of this book alone got me to pick it up off the shelf at Barnes & Noble. I was immediately intrigued with that eye. Some have called this cover too edgy or intense, but I think it's brilliant. Says so much and also hints at the story to come.

The Breaking of Ezra Riley
by John L. Moore
Broadman & Holman

I own this book because of its cover. Yes, my interest was piqued by the summary (features a man coming back to the family ranch) as it reminds me of the settings I tend to favor in my own writing, but I wouldn't have bought it if wasn't for the cover. Again, perfect match up of design that matches the theme and tone of the novel. I haven't yet finished this book, but it starts out during a bleak, brutal Montana winter.

Plague Maker
by Tim Downs
Thomas Nelson

I'm noticing I lean toward darker covers, but those fireworks really grab your eye. It's an incredible shot that plays wonderfully into the book's story, too. The images on black add to the effect, and the lettering is the perfect font for a suspense.


Cory Clubb said...

CJ, Great post! I am a huge fan of book covers. I honestly believe that a book is largely judged on it's cover. A few I have enjoyed are Ted Dekker's Adam, Robert Liparulo's Germ, and Eric Wilson's The Best of Evil.

Gary said...
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Gary said...

I do love the entire art form of book packaging. I have not read many Christian novels so can't really speak to my favorites of the genre.

Just a comment on Forsaken. Not being familiar with the author and reading your explanation - at first glance I thought the name of the character pictured was Jordan. And so initially read the title as Jordan Forsaken.

You have some great posts. Glad Tricia Goyer mentioned you on twitter.

Gary Allen VanRiper

Rel said...

Okay, CJ! Here's a few ~ Tom Morrisey's Deep Blue, Stephen Lawhead's Hood and some girlie ones, Jamie Carie's Snow Angel, Denise Hunter's The Convenient Groom and Tamara Leigh's Splitting Harriet.

lynnrush said...

I'm diggin' that Eric Wilson cover as well! I think I'm gonna go on over and check that book out.....

C.J. Darlington said...

Lynn... not only is it a great cover, but it's a great read, too, so I highly recommend checking it out!

Bonnie Grove said...

FUN! I love the cover and the title of Shoo Fly Pie. GREAT!!!

But....have you seen the cover for my book Talking to the Dead? Tis wonderful! The fab-o team at David C. Cook blew my mind with their creativity!
Oh...there's a teeny tiny picture of it beside my name...
Bonnie :)

Koala Bear Writer said...

Had to just scroll through the covers... I like Forsaken and The Restorer--definately eye-catching. I heard John Moore speak at a conference years ago and he was AMAZING. You'll have to let us know what you think of his book... I read it years ago too, should look up more of his work.