Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Travis Thrasher's Writing Tips

I've been getting a lot out of Travis Thrasher's blog The Journey Is Everything. Travis is the author of 11 novels including Isolation, Gun Lake, Sky Blue and the upcoming Ghostwriter. He's recently started a series sharing writing tips, and they are all well worth reading. Check 'em out:

Tip #1: If you could write one book, and only one book, what would that be?
Tip #2: Read Seth Godin
Tip #3: Writing a book is sometimes like driving through the fog.
Tip #4: Read everything you can.
Tip #5: Shake things up in your writing.
Tip #6: Take a journey with each reader.
Tip #7: You can learn a lot by going on to Amazon.com.
Tip #8: "What's going on here?"
Tip #9: Go along for the ride with your characters.
Tip #10: Don't set your sights too low.
Tip #11:
They're just words.
Tip #12: Get through the middle.


Latayne C Scott said...

I love this series!

And I especially liked Thrasher's advice on how to shake things up with the organization of a manuscript. Very insightful.

Latayne C Scott

Sharon Ball said...

Right now I'm reading Seth Godin's book, Permission Marketing. I'll be sure to check out, The Dip when I'm done with this one. Thanks for the post with these great tips.