Friday, March 20, 2009

6 Novels I Can't Wait to Read!

Try Fear
by James Scott Bell
(July, Center Street)

Bell grabbed my attention with Book #1 in this series (Try Dying) and held it through Book #2 (Try Darkness). Can't wait to see what lawyer Ty Buchanan is up to in this next installment. I'm sure of one thing--it'll be a ride!

by Terri Blackstock
(October, Zondervan)

As a fan of the TV show, I'm intrigued right off the bat with this one. Here's the publisher's description: Barbara Covington has one more chance to save her daughter from a devastating addiction: staging an intervention. But when eighteen-year-old Emily disappears on the way to drug treatment—and her interventionist is found dead at the airport—Barbara enters her darkest nightmare of all.

Ends of the Earth
by Tim Downs
(September, Thomas Nelson)

I've been a fan of Tim Downs ever since his first novel, Shoofly Pie. This next book is another Bugman novel, and I can't wait! Publisher's description says: Dr. Nick Polchak is called to a farm community in eastern North Carolina to investigate a murder. The victim is the owner of a failing organic farm who had developed a drug problem, and the police think his murder is drug-related.

The Justice Game
by Randy Singer
(July, Tyndale)

Singer wowed me with his last novel By Reason of Insanity, and I'm guessing it's more of the same great stuff here! Plus there was a very interesting marketing plan for this one---fans got to vote on the final outcome. Looking forward to seeing if my vote was the majority. :)

by Robin Parrish
(July, Bethany House)

The high-concept of this novel has totally grabbed me. Check it out: The return of NASA's first manned mission to Mars was supposed to be a momentous day. But when the crew loses touch with ground control before entry, things look bleak. Safe after a treacherous landing, the crew emerges to discover the unthinkable--every man, woman, child, and animal has vanished without a trace. Alone now on their home planet, the crew sets out to discover where everyone has gone--and how to get them back--only to discover they may not be as alone as they thought.

Double Cross
by James David Jordan
(October, B&H)

I read Jordan's novel Forsaken and became an immediate fan. Publisher summary: Raised by a father who was a former Special Forces officer, Taylor is beautiful and brilliant and knows how to take care of herself. But she is haunted by her past and the sacrifice her father made to save her from a brutal rape when she was seventeen. After a controversial stint in the Secret Service, she has become the most prominent private security specialist in America. When she discovers the body of a former client’s top assistant, all the evidence points to embezzlement and suicide. But Taylor has no way of knowing that her mother, who ran out when Taylor was nine, is about to reappear and lead her down a twisting path of danger and deceit. It’s a road that won’t end until they reach the spot where Taylor’s father died—where Taylor learns some sacrifices can never be earned.

What are some novels you're looking forward to reading? Let me know in the comments!


Anonymous said...

These sound good to add to my long list.
Here is a few from my list:

Thicker than Blood by CJ Darlington
Daisy Chain by Mary DeMuth
Dark Pursuit Brandilyn Collins
Skin Ted Dekker
Fatal Illusions Adam Blumer
The Penny Joyce Meyer

That's all for now.

Judith Rivard

Katie Hart - Freelance Writer said...

I'm assuming Ends of the Earth is what was originally announced as Bug the Dead? If so, I'm disappointed. Bug the Dead was such a perfect title, matching Nick's eccentric humor. Ends of the Earth sounds like a missionary biography.

Nicole said...

Definitely Try Fear, Ends of the Earth, and The Justice Game.
I've read all of Tim's novels, all of Randy's novels, and most of Jim's novels. This series that Jim's writing is just too good to miss.

C.J. Darlington said...

Judith...Aw, that is sweet to see my book on your list! :)

Katie...I'm guessing this is one and the same. But Bug the Dead was awfully similar to First the Dead---maybe they thought they'd confuse people? I'll read it whatever it's called! LOL

Nicole...I agree! :)

Rel said...

Well, of course, Thicker Than Blood!

Double Cross by James David Jordan

Veiled Freedom by Jeanette Windle

Enduring Justice by Amy Wallace

The Enclave by Karen Hancock

Pirate Hunter by Tom Morissey

....and more!

C.J. Darlington said...

Ah! Double Cross! I can't believe I forgot to put that on my list!

Dineen A. Miller said...

Oh I like your list! I'll be looking for those myself. Thanks for posting them.

Blinky St. James said...

Offworld sounds really good! *goes to look it up*

Some stuff I'm planning to read:

Thicker Than Blood :D
Heartbreak River-Tricia Mills
My Sister's Keeper-Jodi Picoult
The rest of the Maximum Ride series (only read the 1st one so far)
Specials-Scott Westerfeld

and a bunch of other stuff, my list is really long. =D

Nicole said...

Okay, okay: Thicker than Blood ;)

Pirate Hunter by Tom Morrisey Aarghh!

Veiled Freedom by Jeanette Windle

And undoubtedly many more I've forgotten.

C.J. Darlington said...

I had to add Double Cross. Now it's 6 novels I can't wait to read. Thanks, Rel, for reminding me!

Dayle James Arceneaux said...

I'm sure you know this C.J. - Jordan's first novel is actually Something that Lasts. I actually thought it was better than Forsaken.