Thursday, April 16, 2009

Music Video That Inspired Me

I was a teenager when the group Sierra released their self-titled debut CD. One of the songs from the album was "No Stone to Throw". Even as a teenager its message and the story within the song of a hurting woman named Maggie inspired me. The music video they made for the song isn't a big-budget production, but its message is powerful. The theme of Christians not judging is one I hope to deal with in my novels. Someday I may even write a story about a character like Maggie.


Rachel said...

Oh, I was a teenager, too, when Sierra released that song. They came to my church, and we ate dinner with them. Sweet women with an authentic message. Great book idea!

C.J. Darlington said...

That is so cool you got to meet them! I saw them in concert once at a local park, and they seemed really genuine. Wonder what they're up to today? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I remember this. Great song!!