Sunday, April 05, 2009

Writing Update

A couple updates:
  • The release date for Thicker Than Blood is January 2010!
  • I should begin the official editing process with Tyndale for Thicker soon.
  • I am almost finished with my final edit (I think!) of the sequel, tentatively titled Innocent Blood. This novel has not yet been contracted, but we can hope, right? :)
  • Still in the beginning stages of my third novel, tentatively titled Flesh & Blood. It's been challenging discovering the story I want to tell, but I'm honing in on it!
  • My sister, Tracy Darlington, has done a series of interviews with me over at her new blog. It's in four parts. Start at Part 1 and there are links to the others. She asked fun, and hard!, questions about my writing and Thicker Than Blood!

In other news, has just posted an interview I did with one of my favorite authors, Sibella Giorello. Click here to read it. Sibella is the author of the Christy Award winning novel The Stones Cry Out, and now its sequel The Rivers Run Dry. She had so many great insights to share, but here's one question and answer to wet your whistle:

Me: How was the process of writing The Rivers Run Dry different from writing your first novel The Stones Cry Out?

Sibella: Picture a Volvo station wagon. Now picture a Maseratti. The first book, like many first novels, was written in safe secrecy. Very few people knew I was writing a novel, and those that did would still love me if I quit. To keep the car analogy going, whenever I felt like a nap, I'd just pull that Volvo over to the side of the road and close my eyes. It was a luxury of time and it made the journey longer, but it felt safe. The second book was like somebody tossed me the keys to a Maseratti, then said I was competing in a road race, beginning right now. Although I was thrilled to get a contract with Thomas Nelson, I was terrified when they said, "And we'd like four books in four years." Pedal to metal, people! I wrote "Rivers" so quickly that when I sat down to work on the second draft of the manuscript, I didn't remember writing some of the scenes. No joke -- it was a literal blur. But now that I've crossed the finish line twice (the third book in the series is finished), I can say that it's possible to write novels fast. Even more importantly, it's possible to write something enjoyable. Read the full interview here.

Also, my latest book review for Deceived by James Scott Bell is online! Click here to read it. Bell has been another of my favorite authors for years. He writes the snappiest dialogue and comes up with such amazing twists in his novels. It's always fun to see what comes out of his keyboard next!

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