Friday, April 18, 2008

My Soul to Keep by Melanie Wells

Today I want to bring to your attention a terrific new book by author Melanie Wells. It's the featured book this week at the CFBA. My Soul to Keep is the third book in Melanie's Dylan Foster series featuring her character . . . uh, Dylan Foster. :)

I was hooked on Melanie's writing ever since I read her first novel When The Day of Evil Comes. Actually, I listened to it on CD during a looooonng car ride, and it made the miles fly by, let me tell you!) And then her second novel Soul Hunter was another terrific read.

This is character driven suspense at its finest with just enough quirkiness in Dylan's character to allow for some lighter moments as well.

But there's nothing light about this premise. A young boy is abducted right out of the park, with his mother, Dylan, and others all nearby. Is it the work of Peter Terry, Dylan's personal demon (literally and figuratively)?

Read a great review of the book here by my friend Dale Lewis.

I recently interviewed Melanie about My Soul to Keep at Here's the first question:

C.J.: Let’s start right off talking about My Soul to Keep. This is Book #3 in the Dylan Foster series, and a child kidnapping plays a huge part in the novel. What made you decide to write a book dealing with a parent’s worst nightmare?

Melanie: The previous book, The Soul Hunter, makes it clear that Peter Terry is after little Nicholas, so once again, the characters decided the plot and I just followed along. I became very sensitive to crimes against children while I was writing this book. That anyone could intentionally harm a child – it’s so awful, I can barely think about it. It was an emotional book to write, for that reason. Even though the characters are obviously fictional, they’ve become very real to me and to so many readers. And of course, this sort of thing happens every day.

Read the full interview here.

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