Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tweet! Tweet!

I took the plunge and signed up at Twitter! You can now follow my "tweets" at I know the key to this working is to update frequently, but I'm finding it hard to find things to say! :) The challenge is to integrate Twitter into you life without letting it take over. Yes. Balance. Something that's always been a struggle for me but something I want to conquer!


Patsy Clairmont said...

Balance: that slippery tightrope is a constant challenge. I find if I Twitter twice a day or 7 times a day it keeps it from dominating me. Sometimes I skip a day or just do a passing "good morning."

At first I thought "good grief my life is dull as dirt," but then I realized folks were commenting on articles, links, and everyday stuff like," what's for dinner?" so I just hopped in. Cause I do eat...oh, boy do I eat.

Main thing is don't let the little stuff interfere with the big stuff!

Travis Erwin said...

Tweet tweet. I just started following you.

J. J. Hebert said...

I'm thinking of signing up at Twitter, but I'm not sure yet. How is it working out for you so far?

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Alyice Edrich said...

Hey I see you'r on twitter, thanks for joining my updates! I hope you'll take advantage of the new Twitter Series over at my blog, DM Speaks. The short url is:

I can't believe how much you can do with Twitter, business-wise.