Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chip MacGregor's Advice for Aspiring Novelists

Over at his blog, literary agent Chip MacGregor answers the question:

"As a first-time novelist, what advice can you give me to create a great, page-turning novel?"

Here's how he begins his response:

Dialogue and action. That won't necessarily make for the deepest, or most thoughtful, or the most life-changing sort of book, but it will make your book a page-turner. A high sense of drama is necessary, of course. So is telling an interesting story at a brisk pace. (Whoever read a slow, rambling thriller?) Unresolved conflicts help. So do plot twists, and fascinating characters, or characters I like who are placed in tense situations. But if you stick to dialogue and action, you'll make your book more of a page-turner.

Read the rest of his response here. Good stuff.

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