Monday, September 29, 2008

The Unseen Pages Project - An Innovative Book Marketing Idea

So I get this e-mail about T.L. Hines' latest marketing project. Seems the guy is once again on the cutting edge! Here's the scoop:

T.L. is disassembling a copy of his upcoming novel The Unseen and hiding pages all across the country. Well, actually, WE are the ones who get to hide the pages! Sorta like Book Crossing, only with individual pages.

In T.L.'s words, here's all the info:

Right now, people all across the United States and Canada are helping me disassemble and hide one complete copy of my latest book, The Unseen, in dozens of locations. You can see who those people are and sign up to join them if you want; we'll start hiding pages the first of October or so.

That's 192 individual pages (383 pages, actually--but each individual page has a front and a back), hiding in unseen spaces--much like Lucas, the main character in The Unseen.

Why? Well, a multitude of reasons, but foremost among them is: to have fun. Maybe sell a few books, maybe meet a few new people, maybe get a few unexpected surprises...but for me, that all comes under the category of having fun.

Check out all the fun (and lots more info on how it all works) at T.L.'s special section of his website devoted to the Unseen Pages Project.

And speaking of contests, my good friend WordVixen is running one over at her Squidoo lense, and you could win some nifty skin care products. Check it out here.

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WordVixen said...

Thanks for the link love/entering. :)

And that does sound like a fun promotion! I don't know how effective it'll be, but I would think everyone who participates will buy a copy.