Thursday, September 25, 2008

ECPA Book Cover Award Finalists Announced


Category 1: “Best Cover from a Small-Sized Publisher” (From publishers with 1-100 titles annually)

Category 2: “Best Cover from a Mid-Sized Publisher” (From publishers with 101-250 titles annually)
Category 3: “Best Covers from a Large Publisher” (From publishers with 251+ titles published annually)
So, what are your thoughts? Any of them stick out as "winners" for you? The Urban Devotional Bible is kinda cool if you ask me.

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Nicole said...

Really liked the cover of Zora and Nicky (although it would've been better with the guy having blonde hair). Also liked the cover of Adam. Hmm. Both of those are primarily in black, grey, and white . . .
Loved both novels, too.