Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Isolation by Travis Thrasher

Having read Travis' previous novel Gun Lake, I was looking forward to picking up Isolation and seeing how he handled the storyline:




. . . Alone

When a missionary family moves into a secluded mansion in the mountains of North Carolina, they think they are escaping their nightmares. But when a snowstorm hits and they are trapped inside their new home, their worst fears become reality. As they fight to stay alive, they will be tested in ways they never imagined. Can their love for one another and their faith in God save them from the dangers lurking here?

Yes, this scenario has been done before, but Travis brings a terrific Christian angle to this potentially scary book. I'm a reader who loves my suspense but doesn't like to be dragged through the gutter. Lately it seems many in the Christian fiction arena are pushing the envelope just because they can. Often I wonder if a scene is there simply for shock value.

I didn't feel that way about the scenes in Isolation. Yes, it's a horror novel, but Travis never crosses the line too far. Right when some authors would have described a violent scene or act, Travis turns the camera away. Thank you for that, Mr. Thrasher! It made this novel one I can highly recommend. Stephen King, Ted Dekker & Frank Peretti fans will especially enjoy.

But perhaps the most important aspect is the spiritual take-away. This novel isn't afraid to ask the tough, spiritual questions, like where is God when bad things happen?

For more info, visit Travis online at his website.

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Deena said...

Can't WAIT for his next book:-) I think he's really found his niche!